Feliz Navidad!

diciembre 24, 2007

 Esta noche Papá Noel tiene mucho trabajo… ya véis cómo está su oficina en el pueblecito de Rovaniemi, en Laponia (Finlandia). Si habéis sido buenos, seguro que no se olvidará de vosotros…

Feliz Navidad!

 Tonight Father Christmas is so busy… in the video you can see his office in Rovaniemi, in Finland. If you were good guys this year, he won´t forget about you!!

Merry Christmas!



5 comentarios

  1. hahahah !! I’ve seen this guy in a movie called ” Love Actually” ! I saw the movie in a English class in Tornto. The class’s teacher was very funny guy whose name was Kingsley . He was from NY !

  2. happy christmas for you sara!! nice videos.. but i saw santa claus in australia so he can’t be in finland by now..

  3. Hi Yohei, you are right, that’s from the movie “Love actually”!
    Jens! How are you doing down under? Did you see Santa Claus in Australia??? That´s the magic of Christmas!!! Or maybe he decided to live an experience abroad!!!

  4. i actually applied to be santa claus down under, cause he needs support to get all the presents in the homes and to make the little chidren happy… but i would’ve sweated alot hear.. it’s toooo warm to be santa! but one day i gonna come in your home and bring the presents. how is your english class?

  5. chidren is children and hear is here


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