FELIZ 2008!!!

enero 2, 2008

Feliz año nuevo a todos!!! El 2007 se va como el mejor año de mi vida. Es extraño, cada nochevieja pienso lo mismo. Todos los años superan al anterior. Y en este 2007, el viaje a Canadá ha sido de lo mejor. Pero ya miro a 2008 con algún que otro viaje en mente… quizás Japón (ojalá!!), quizás Moscú, quizás Estambul…

Vaya a donde vaya, os lo contaré en Mi planetarium. De momento, me quedan muchas fotos de Canadá, vídeos y anécdotas, que retomaré en cuanto pasen estas fechas.

De momento, escojo las dos mejores fotos, según mi opinión, del blog de este año. La primera, por supuesto, Toronto desde el ferry que va a Toronto Island. IM – PRE – SIO – NAN – TE. También recuerdo la hoja de té del día que cenamos con las chicas de Singapur. Hwein Ling me dijo que en Japón si la hoja de té se queda en vertical, significa buena suerte.

Buena suerte a todos, y que 2008 sea mejor incluso que el 2007!!

Buenas noches😉

Happy New Year!!! 2007 has been the best year in my life. Every New Year´s Eve I think the same. This year was the best. And every New Year is always better than the one before!! In 2007 the experience in Canada was the best. But I´m thinking in the future, in 2008, I have some trips in mind… maybe Japan (I hope!), maybe Moscow, maybe Istanbul…

Wherever I go, I will tell you in Mi planetarium. In the meanwhile, I have a lot of photos from Canada, and videos and anecdotes, that I will go on writing about as soon as this long Christmas are gone.

I choose the best two photos of the year, in my opinion. The first one, of course, is Toronto from the ferry that goes to Toronto Island. Is AMAZING!!! I also remember the day that we went to have dinner with the girls from Singapore. I remember that Hwein Ling told me that in Japan if the tea leaf stays up, it means good luck.

Good luck to everybody, and I hope 2008 is even better than the great 2007!!!

Good night😉

2 comentarios

  1. For me, every year had been almost as good as the other before I went to Toronto . Last year was totaly the best !! SO MUCH better than the other !!! Every single thing was so nice and amazing . It was like being in dream . I felt it now .

  2. your picture of toronto in your mind as a good image of the city and you give people the possibility to understand how this city ticks. i like the way you discribe the ctiy, i feel back to downtown or any other place you talk about! nice that you enjoyed your year.. life is beautiful and full of happiness


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